Monday, November 11, 2013

Nothing Like a Good Ole Southern Thanksgiving Dinner

I was born and raised in Georgia by a very loving Southern Family. I never appreciated the Southern Family Dinners until the Southern Grannies were gone and so were their recipes. Were my Southern Grannies preserving and not sharing their precious "secret recipes "? NO. NO. NO.

As I grew older, they were always trying to share the recipes with me and stressing the importance of me knowing and using their recipes. Sadly, I never saw myself, ever, cooking an entire feast and had no interest in learning how to do that. The thought was almost laughable. Me cooking a big meal? I can see my kids and husband leaning in and "horse laughing" as they imagine me trying to do this.

After the Southern Grannies were gone, our first Thanksgiving and Christmas were so depressing. None of us knew how to prepare the meal and so we had none. Such a Pitty. So I spent the next year researching until I finally duplicated their recipes enough to win over the hearts and stomachs of my family.

I am sharing our annual Southern Thanksgiving Meal "Menu" and hope if you are looking for Southern Recipes, that you might want to try some of mine. Feel free to alter them to your liking.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and all yours !